What is the Deal with Guilds?

Are you a member if a quilt guild? Do you remember your first visit to one? My first impression was that there were similarities to a church service. There were announcements, a main speaker, community service appeals, and opportunities to socialize. But the part of the guild meeting that impressed me the most was the Show and Tell. People showed their quilts on the stage and were applauded. All of the quilts received applause, the ugly, the pretty, and the completely phenomenal. Where else in my life could I go for guaranteed applause? I was a mother of 2 young and challenging boys. I loved them very much but they made every day a bit of a battle. Every day I needed a game plan, a strategy, and fortitude to face whatever came into each day. Sure, cooking, laundry, and cleaning are important but they don’t stay done! I wanted something in my life to get done and stay that way. I learned I could squeeze in a bit of sewing if I left my machine and project on the table and ran a plastic table cloth over it. When the boys were in school I could manage to feed my creativity and once a month I could get away for an evening with other quilters at the local guild meeting. The other members became mentors, examples and dear friends. A bargain at any price.