2 cups and thread

Does the World Need Quilting?

You work hard in your sewing room to create your next quilt and you wonder if it is important. When you give this quilt to the new baby, or graduate, or bride, will they like it? Will they use it or use it to shreds? The best quilts get used to shreds. They are given to babies and become the most important prop for nap and travel time. They become tents and dinosaur landscape. They become dolly blankets and tea party tablecloths. They get used up, but what a live they live.
Consider the life cycle of the amazing, phenomenal quilt. It takes years to applique and quilt. It goes the to all the best shows and brings home ribbons and money. Eventually, it is sold to a collector and leaves home for good. There are tears shed and a sense of loss until the next quilt is begun. Yes, the world needs quilting but the important thing is that I need to quilt. I need quilting.